August 24, 2022

CHEN WAY: 4 Must-Know Tips to Cost Saving and Eco-Friendly of Blow Molding Machine

In the case of extrusion blow molding, companies around the world look for ways to start eco-friendly and cost-saving production. This article will therefore let you know some must-know tips to achieve this.

Why should a blow molder care for sustainability?

Truth is that sustainability and blow molding can go hand in hand. As a blow molding manufacturer, some of the reasons why you should care about sustainability are:
  • Protect and help the ecosystem

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Attract investors

  • Save on budget

  • Improve the company's reputation

Must-know tips for blow molders to save costs and be environmentally friendly

After realizing how valuable sustainability is for any business, here are some tips to improve your blow molding production:

  1. Purchase a customized blow molding machine:

    High-quality blow molded products are a result of using professional, efficient machinery. Getting in touch with a blow molding machinery manufacturer to discuss your project so that a suitable machine with the necessary features can be recommended to you. This way, you will not overspend, but pay for exactly what you need to guarantee that your company achieves its goals and objectives.

  2. Make 3-layer products using recycled materials and calcium carbonate:

    Owning a 3-layer machine is another great way to save costs. When making your products, adding Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) to the middle layer replaces virgin material -which is very expensive- and results in the reduction of production costs. For example, in some African countries, like Kenya, HDPE Jerry Cans manufactured by Extrusion Blow Molding Machines are very popular. 3-layer jerry cans are the most popular choice for edible oil export countries. By combining 30%-35% recycled material with 30%-35% Calcium Carbonate in the middle layer, a reduction of 12%-15% material cost can be achieved. Moreover, the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas impact of the finished products will also be minimized.

  3. Work with eco-friendly resins while aiming for lightweight plastic products:

    Blow-molded products like bottles, jerry cans, drums, and tanks, all use different plastic resins for their fabrication. Analyze the properties of HDPE, LDPE, PP, PC, and other resins and choose the one that best fits your application requirements while also keeping the eco-friendly in mind.

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    Moreover, the strengthened structural design reduces the amount of resin used to make a product. Doing so will bring benefits such as using less energy, using less material, and improving transport efficiency all of which translate to cost savings. Use a wall thickness controller to achieve optimum and uniform wall thickness in your products while facilitating material saving and a faster cycle time.

  4. Manage your energy expenditure:

    For industries such as blow molding, energy can be a huge operation cost. From using an efficient blow molding machine in the production of your plastic products to monitoring how energy is used company-wide, energy expenditure can be significantly reduced in your business.

Eco-friendly and Cost-Saving Blow Molding Machines from Chen Way Machinery

At Chen Way Machinery we care about the environment and thus, constantly strive towards manufacturing a wide range of energy and space-saving machines that optimize resources and keep material waste at its minimum. By combining a servomotor and a gas accumulator, our blow molding machines are guaranteed to help clients reduce costs, increase production speed, and produce high-quality products.

To find out more about how Chen Way saves resources, read Blow Molding Recycling Systems.
To know more information about our incredible extrusion blow molding machines or request a quotation for our machines, send us an inquiry.

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