Mar. 25, 2020

Blow Molding Recycling Systems

In blow molding, caring about optimizing resources and keeping material waste at its minimum should always be prioritized. As such, continuous extrusion blow molding machines can be integrated with Automated and Semi-Automated recycling systems to draw on all the waste material, regrind it and properly prepare it to be reused. Automatically recycling waste material not only reduces the environmental footprint of the machine but also has an impact on material costs savings and can reduce human resources.

Why are recycling systems needed?
While extrusion blow molding is an efficient way to mold plastic bottles and other plastic hollow objects, the truth is, this process results in some excess plastic being pinched and left around the outer edges. This flash or excess material should be removed post-molding, either by hand or mechanically so that it can, later on, be reintroduced to the manufacturing process to keep waste near zero and keep costs to a minimum. To achieve this, a recycling system is a must.

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How do these blow molding recycling systems work?
In a fully automated system, the Blow Molding Machine will include an auto-deflashing unit to automatically cut the top, bottom, and handle flash material of the product as needed. These parts will then be carried to the crusher/grinder through a conveyor system and, after the material has been grinded, it will be dragged by a tube that is connected to the mixer unit, which will combine the grinded pellets with the other desired material. After it is properly mixed, the ready-to-use mixture will be deposited into bags that can then be taken to the machine’s auto-feed unit and be reused.

Chen Way Machinery cares about the environment!
Chen Way Machinery is a specialized blow molding machine manufacturer in Taiwan that cares about high-quality, speed, and sustainability. Consequently, our auto deflashing blow molding machines with recycling systems are customized according to each of our client's requirements.

Thus, auto deflashing machines for 100ml bottles to auto deflashing machines for 30L jerry cans will have a different recycling system design. The layouts for these integrated systems are created by our team of designers at Chen Way Machinery, always targeting energy and space-saving structure, accommodated to each customer's necessity and environmental safety.

Chen Way Machinery: auto deflashing blow molding machine with recycling system video

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