July. 26, 2021

How HDPE Extrusion Blow Molding Machines Work for Jerry Can Production in Kenya

How HDPE Extrusion Blow Molding Machines Work for Jerry Can Production in Kenya

In some African countries with extensive edible oil market, like Kenya, HDPE Jerry Cans manufactured by Extrusion Blow Molding Machines are very popular for their versatility. These jerry cans are not only the best choice for edible oil packaging but an excellent option for the storage of water, fuel, and other kinds of liquids. Additionally, with some simple modifications, these containers are even re-used by many as washing stations at home.

On that account, the demand for HDPE Extrusion Blow Molding Machines to make jerry cans of different shapes and sizes in Kenya is considerably large. In fact, the most used shape and size are 20L round jerry cans with inner thread neck. This kind of jerry can is most frequently used in Kenya for palm oil packaging, but due to its versatility it is also often used to store water.

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+10 Years of Experience with Jerry Can Making Machines

As a result, Chen Way Machinery also made its way into the African continent a long time ago. In the case of our loyal customers from Kenya, they have been running Chen Way Blow Molding machines to produce and supply 10L and 20L round jerry cans for edible oil to the market inside the country for almost 10 years. The high efficiency and long durability of our blow molding machines are not only beneficial to our clients’ own product packaging lines but also allow them to build lasting partnerships with their customers by producing HDPE containers that are guaranteed to meet any demanding needs.

Three-layer Blow Molding Machines Save You Costs

Customers from Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia are also in constant need of three-layer jerry cans for packaging. With a Three-Layer Blow Molding Machine, recycled plastic resins and calcium carbonate can be added to the middle layer of their products, resulting in material costs being reduced by 12-15%.

Customized Service of HDPE Extrusion Blow Molding Machines

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with Chen Way Machinery, as we are committed to keeping manufacturing only high-quality and customized blow molding machines to meet the constantly changing demands of the market; as well as maintaining a 24-hour online customer service to assist you with any machine or spare parts inquiry.

HDPE Jerry Can Blow Molding Production Videos

Please refer to the below video of a production line with Chen Way machines in a factory in Kenya:

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