Jan. 21, 2020

Multilayer Jerry Can Blow Molding Machines Successfully Installed and Running in Malaysia

Given the advantages that result from being made of more than one material, multilayer products are becoming more and more popular with time. This results in high demand for multilayer (or co-extrusion) blow molding machines from manufacturers looking into supplying the market with these high-quality products. Some of the many products on the market made by multilayer blow molding machines include three-layer jerry cans for edible oil, 2 and 3 color products, 2-layer anti-UV bottles, pesticide bottles, and more.

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In Malaysia, being one of the biggest palm oil production countries in the world, the Three-layer jerry cans used for the packaging of palm oil are on very high demand, and especially for 5L, 10L, 20L and 25L volumes. This is because almost 90% of the jerry cans in the market in Malaysia are produced by multilayer (or co-extrusion) Blow Molding machines.

Multilayer Blow Molding Machines Installation in Malaysia by Chen Way Machinery

Given Chen Way Machinery’s ample experience and outstanding success within the blow molding machinery industry, our customer from Malaysia approached us to equip their facilities. Multiple sets of three-layer jerry can blow molding machines have therefore been successfully installed and are running in Malaysia. They are being used to produce high-quality HDPE jerry cans ranging from 5L to 20L. This model of continuous co-extrusion blow molding machine is our most demanded machine for edible oil jerry can application due to its high efficiency and cost-effective multi-layer design.

The main benefit of our Chen Way Machinery’s co-extrusion machines is the reduction of 12-15% in your material costs compared to a single-layer machine. This is the result of using around 60%-70% cost-effective regrind material plus calcium carbonate CaCO3 (no more than 30%) in the middle layer. This machine model is available in single and double stations and has one of the highest production outputs for 20L jerry cans. Additionally, it can be customized to your requirements of factory arrangements and floor space.

Chen Way Machinery: jerry can blow molding machine running in Malaysia video.

How does Chen Way Machinery provide commissioning and after-sales service?
Chen Way Machinery has a local team of engineers in Malaysia. Therefore, if a service visit to a company is necessary, its well-trained engineers will immediately go there to make sure all machines are running smoothly. Chen Way Machinery assumes all responsibility for after-sales services. In fact, one of its biggest bids is having a full aftersales service for its customers!

Moreover, there is a 24-hour online customer service which you can contact through email: [email protected] dedicated to rapidly answering all questions about blow molding machinery.

Customers can also contact Chen Way Machinery and stay updated with blow molding news, videos, and more through social media channels, such as Chen Way Machinery’s Official Website, Youtube Channel, Facebook Page, and LinkedIn.