Feb. 20, 2020

Benefits of Co-Extrusion Blow Molding

Coextrusion blow molding is an extrusion blow molding process that uses several extruders required for each distinct material in the coextrusion. Also known as “sandwich walls”, multilayer blow-molded products are made to meet specific product performance. Some other benefits of co-extrusion blow molding include the following:
  1. Product differentiation: achieved by making products with a specific color, by adding a view stripe, etc.
  2. Cost savings: achieved by using recycled resins and Calcium Carbonate in the middle layer of the plastic products.
  3. End products with desired characteristics: End products can have a variety of characteristics desired by the manufacturer such as stiffness, impermeability, resistance to a particular environment, etc. which would not be achieved by using only a single material.

Examples of coextruded products:

After all the benefits that coextrusion can bring to any blow molder’s products, it is not a surprise that so many coextruded products are found on the market. Some of the most common applications that can be made by co-extrusion blow molding process are: 

- 10L, 15L, 20L, 25L round shape jerry can. 
- 10L, 18L, 20L, 25L cooking oil jerry can. 
- 5L lubrication bottle. 
- Pharmaceutical jerry can. 
- Diamond Shape jerry can. 
- Pesticide bottle. 
- Multi color kettle.
- Multi color trash bin. 

Chen Way Machinery: Two stripe color kettle, medium co-extrusion blow molding machine video

Coextrusion blow molding machines features

Coextrusion blow molding machines are commonly medium-sized machines that are versatile and can offer a wide variety of features for better blow molding productions. Some features of continuous multilayer machines include the following:

Available as single or double station machines: Single station machines are smaller in size. However, if the goal is to increase production (number of pieces per hour), then a double station machine is the right choice.
Single cavities or multi-cavities: A multi-cavity die head also helps increase a machine’s production per cycle.  This option is very cost-effective and suitable for small-sized bottles to 5L jerry cans.
Parison control (wall thickness controller): Helps improve quality and balance the distribution of thickness of the product being molded, thus, reducing weight and waste material.

Experienced coextrusion blowing machine manufacturer in Taiwan
Chen Way Machinery is well-known for being an experienced 20L three-layer blow molding machine manufacturer in Taiwan. We are market leaders in the Southeast Asian area, especially in edible oil export countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, where we have over 400 sets of machines currently operating!
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The main benefit of our Co-Extrusion machines, which are a popular choice for making edible oil and palm oil jerry cans ranging from 5L to 30L, is that of helping you achieve a material cost reduction of 10-12%, by using around 60%-70% cost-effective regrind material and also by adding Calcium Carbonate CaCO3 (no more than 30%) in the middle layer.

A Multiple Layer Extruder can also be used for products containing different materials, as well as for multi-color products like 2-color teapots or 2-striped trash bins and 2-color/ 2-layer multi-use bottles.

Chen Way Machinery: Three-layer jerry can blow molding machine video
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Without a doubt, the coextrusion blow molding process results in several rewards for blow molders.  For this reason, it is not a surprise that it is a common plastic production practice globally. If you would like to request a quote or obtain more information about our co-extrusion blow molding machines, send an inquiry to Chen Way Machinery now.