May 8, 2020

What is a Fully Automated Blow Molding Machine?

Because every client needs a different solution for their specific products, we customize our blow moulding machines in order to meet these needs and provide our customers with the best possible, most efficient, practical and economical solution. This also implies that every machine's design of the automatic processes for a complete production will vary according to the shape of the bottle, jerry can, drum or any hollow product that is being blow molded. 

How can a machine be fully automated? 
A Continuous Extrusion Blow Molding machine is fully automated when the machine, including an auto-deflashing unit, is integrated by a conveyor system with its auxiliary equipment like the crusher or grinder for the recycling material, mixer, post cooling unit, and leak tester. Thus, obtaining the finished product by requiring less workforce or manpower. 

For example, a conveyor system transports the waste material to the crusher, the resulting grinded material then travels to the mixer and is later automatically deposit into the bags, ready to be reused. 
As a second example, a 20L HDPE jerry can blow molding machine, which is a popular choice for edible oil applications, commonly uses a top blow unit, however, some applications require the blow moulding machine to be suitable for producing outer thread HDPE jerry cans as well as inner thread HDPE jerry cans. When this is the case, the machine will have a bottom blow unit instead of a top blow unit, allowing the Blow Pin to be interchangeable in order to incorporate an Unscrew Function to the blowing unit, and properly form the inner threads in the neck of the jerry can. 

Now, if this type of machine is to be integrated with a post cooling and leak tester unit to obtain the finished product in an automized process, as the jerry can is upside down, it needs to be turned over and moved into the conveyor system to complete the production line. 
For this process to be performed, our Blow Molding machine includes a suction and turn-over unit that carefully transfers the jerry can to the post cooling and leak tester section of the machine. 

Both cases are frequently required by our customers and at Chen Way Machinery our team is always in the good disposition to work with you and find the most suitable solution to your demands!  

Please see the linked videos for a better reference of our automated Blow Molding machines.

15-022 (5L Auto-deflashing & Leak Tester BMM in South Africa BL-65-S-A) 
11-069 (20L Jerry Can & Auto-deflashing & Leak Tester BMM in India BL-75-S-20-A)
19-009 (Bottom blow jerry can)
15-021 (20L/25L View Stripe & Auto-deflashing &Leak Tester BMM in South Africa BL-75-S-A)