April 19 , 2022

New project in Vietnam - 25L 3 layers with auto-deflashing function machine

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This is the second machine of the same year for this Vietnam customer. They’re satisfied produced jerry cans by Chen Way’s two machines smoothly within this year. They used to let outside factory to make the jerry cans. But since the inflation in past few years, they want to produce the jerry can by their own now. They invested only one machine as the first try in the beginning and found out that they can earned more profit than before by producing their own jerry can.

As customer only produce one kind of jerry can, they don’t have the demand to change molds. Therefore, the auto-deflashing function was very suitable for their needs, who required large quantity specific jerry can. The most important advantages for the auto-deflashing unit are saving the labor cost and accelerate production efficiency. 
3 layers extruders can reduce the material cost by adding the recycle material in the middle or outer layer or adding the CoCO3 in the middle layer. Co-extrusion is going to be a trend in the jerry can market, mostly is used in 5L to 35L. Using the recycle material not only saving the material cost but also meet the needs of environmentally friendly reuse.
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