January 18, 2022

Air Duct Blow Molding on the Rise

Extrusion Blow Molding is a process that allows the manufacture of small to large hollow plastic parts for different industries. In the case of the automotive industry, HVAC air ducts -which are responsible for controlling airflow into and out of the occupant compartment and providing thermal comfort for both drivers and passengers- are just one example of the several products that can be formed through this process. After proving to be capable of effortlessly producing these complex and irregular-shaped objects, air duct blow molding machines are therefore constantly being acquired by companies all over the world, helping them reach their business objectives.

Air duct blow molding machines
Large industrial parts like HVAC systems require an accumulator blow molding machine for their manufacture as the parison is too heavy and it will sag if continuous extrusion is used. In other words, to produce air ducts, the flow of parison through the die must be cyclic, meaning the plastic needs to accumulate inside the head and then a moving piston should force the plastic through the tubing die.
Once the parison exits the die and has a pre-set length, the mold will close around the parison and pinch one end. Compressed air will inflate the parison against the mold, cooling the parison to the blow mold design. Finally, the mold will open, eject the part, and close around the next parison to repeat the cycle.

Air duct machine manufacturer in Taiwan
For over 30 years, Chen Way Machinery has dispatched its blow molding machines all over the world. In the case of our air duct blow molding machines, they are specially tailored for customers that want to produce high-quality Automobile Air Ducts of different sizes, shapes, and designs. Without a doubt, Japan is world-leading in the automotive industry and is widely known for its cutting-edge technology and invigorating ideas. Therefore, it makes sense for Japanese companies to work with the most experienced blow molding machinery providers right from the start. Thus, in an attempt to keep positioning their company for success, a distinguished Japanese automotive business approached Chen Way Machinery. After purchasing and running them, our machines were qualified as highly reliable, durable, and efficient. It was no surprise that these machines resulted in high-quality output, leaving no doubts that they were nothing but a great investment for the company. Likewise, in the local market, one of our loyal customers in Taiwan has also been running one of our air ducts machines for years, allowing it to produce first-class air ducts which end up being integrated into functional vehicles.

Without a doubt, year by year, Chen Way Machinery continues to achieve its goal of scaling up customer satisfaction. Some of the many reasons why international blow molders trust Chen Way Machinery are our ability to understand our clients and address them according to their needs and wants, our high-quality blow molding machines that produce outstanding plastic products, an incredible after-sales service, and our vast experience as blow molding machine manufacturers.

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Chen Way Machinery’s latest air duct machines
With the ongoing growth of the global automotive market and to our customers’ satisfaction, Chen Way Machinery´s latest air duct blow molding machines feature a fast injection speed and mechanical movement in a cycle time of around 30 seconds. They have a superior screw design that mixes and melts the recycled resin smoother and extrudes it with a higher output than the standard machine model. Any of our customers can validate their productions have increased with our machines and that they are more than satisfied with the results! Likewise, we expect more of these machines to be dispatched to different parts of the world in order to continue delivering quality molded products.

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