December 12, 2020

Installation of 2 Large Blow Molding Machines in Dubai and India during COVID-19 times

To successfully complete the installation of its blow molding machines, Chen Way is always devoted to training the machine operator personnel and further giving the corresponding commissioning services to its customers. This is done to ensure the dispatched machines an start to run smoothly so our customers can reach their production output goals without any trouble. However, during these difficult times of COVID-19, as travel restrictions have been very strict in Taiwan, and for our engineers’ health safety, traveling abroad to install and commission our machines became a challenge. Fortunately, thanks to our hard work and commitment to our clients, two large blow molding machines were able to be installed in Dubai and India and the experience has taught us how to successfully keep doing business even during unprecedented circumstances.

Large blow molding machinery installation during COVID-19
Chen Way Machinery’s engineers and service team have done their best to assist international customers through different channels for the installation of blow molding machines that were planned before the COVID-19 travel restrictions took place.

We dispatched two large HDPE Blow Molding Machines for Double L-Ring Drums to Dubai and India. However, given that these machines arrived in the middle of the pandemic outbreak, our engineers could not travel to our customers’ factories. Consequently, Chen Way immediately looked for ways to solve the problem and ended up carrying out the installation of both large blow molding machines through online assistance and thanks to the efforts of our agent partner in India.

If you want to find out more insight details about the issues faced in the Blow Molding market in India during the pandemic, please watch the below interview made to our Indian agent, in which he talks about the advantages of having a local partner in India, suggestions to foreign manufacturers/companies who plan to enter the Indian market, and how manufacturers provide support to local dealers under pandemic circumstances:

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