June 16, 2020

Dispatch of Double “L” Ring Drum Blow Molding Machine to Dubai

Plastic drums are containers made of HDPE that are used to store and transport a wide variety of substances. They come in two varieties -open head and tight head. Open head drums have a lid that can be removed for easy access, while tight head drums are meant to stay shut tight and are usually accessed through fittings on the top of the drum. Double L-ring drum blow molding machines are therefore widely purchased by businesses in order to produce these high-quality HDPE drums which are durable, reusable, and leakproof.

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As for Chen Way Machinery, we recently dispatched one of these large-sized plastic drum machines to one of our customers in Dubai. Despite the unforeseen circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic, innovative and proactive ideas came up which led to business continuity.

Double L-ring drum blow molding machine overview 
This accumulator die head blow molding machine is our newest model for the production of 200L to 250L Double “L” Ring Drums, and it is already the second machine of this series that we are dispatching to our long-time experienced customer in Dubai.

After completing the blow molding of the narrow mouth drums, these are passed through a post-cooling process that strengthens the walls of the drums and completes their forming in less time. They are later fully filled with water and drop tested from a height of 1.5 m 3 times and from 3 different angles to ensure that no liquid is leaked at all from the plastic containers and that they meet the required quality standards. All our machines are rigorously tested until all the requirements from our customers are met.

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Chen Way Machinery: Double L-ring drum blow molding machine running in India video.

Contacting Chen Way Machinery 
As the world currently faces difficult times due to COVID-19, just like all businesses around the world, Chen Way Machinery is looking for ways to overcome this crisis and keep providing our customers with the best possible service as we always have. Besides plastic drum machines, we also have other products that are helping blow molders around the world to keep to their schedule and attain their business goals.

Moreover, we acknowledge the importance of keeping in touch with our customers at times like this, thus, we would like to remind them they can send an inquiry at any time to request any kind of information or assistance.

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