Apr. 21, 2020

Improved Double L-Ring drum blow molding machine with a faster cycle time!

Thanks to almost 30 years of experience in the field, we are specialized manufacturers of Accumulator Blow Molding machines, and among this category, of Double L-Ring drum blow molding machines. 

As our customers' production demands become higher, we are challenged to step up our machines' designs and production cycle times, without compromising our so renowned efficiency and good quality. Thanks to our team of well-trained engineers and technicians, we have managed to achieve this goal in many of our most recently manufactured Blow Molding machines, thus, improving their overall performance.   

One example is our latest 210L to 250L range L Ring Drum making machine, for which we have achieved a faster Injection speed and Mold close-open movement, therefore, reducing the cycle time by 5 to 6 seconds!  
Furthermore, our customers can also increase their production output and fulfill their enlarged demands by adding our post cooling unit especially designed for the narrow mouth 200L to 250L double L-ring HDPE drum, due to its high cooling capacity that helps forming the plastic drum faster, thus, completing its production and saving the time.

Check out the video of our Accumulator Die Head Blow molding machine for Double L Ring Plastic Drum running!

15-026 (200L Double L-Ring Drum blow molding machine in India ABL-125-L)