December 22, 2021

Choosing the Right Blow Molding Plastic for Your Next Project

Extrusion blow molding machines are tailored to meet the customer’s needs, whether he is a cosmetic bottle producer or an automotive fuel tank producer. Keeping this in mind, it is important to note that besides purchasing high-quality Blow Molding Machines, it is also critical to choose the correct blow molding material for all projects. This is because specific applications require specific blow molding resins which have the properties that can meet the demands of the finished product and the environment(s) that it will be exposed to.

Understanding of the final part

Selecting the right blow molding plastic for a project requires a thorough understanding of the final product. Its intended purpose must be clear in order to know details like any special aesthetic considerations, how strong the part needs to be, if it needs to be flexible or rigid, if it will be exposed to any chemical or other elements, etc.

Becoming Familiar with Plastic Resins Producers/Suppliers for Blow Molding

It is also necessary to know what producers and suppliers are out there. Some of the world’s top blow molding material suppliers include the following:
  • Chevron Phillips

  • Exxon Mobil

  • Dow Chemical

  • LyondellBasell

Find out what plastic resins your supplier can provide for you. Different blow molding plastic producers produce a variety of plastic resins with different attributes and uses. Also make sure to consider the supplier’s location, as this will have an impact on shipping costs and delivery time.

Choosing the Correct Blow Molding Plastic Material Grade

Once the intended purpose of the final product is clear and after becoming familiar with suppliers and their materials, choosing the correct plastic resin will be much easier.

You can request a supplier for technical data sheets which provide an amazing amount of information at a glance. These documents will include incredibly valuable information at a glance regarding the properties (MI, density. etc.) of a particular plastic grade, and also necessary data and handling recommendations for users. The appropriate material grade will be the one that meets performance requirements while also leading to the production of plastic products with no defects or quality issues.

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Common Blow Molding Materials

There are several materials that can be used for blow molding. These are commonly thermoplastics or polymers that become moldable when heated and solidify when cooled. Some of the most used blow molding polymers include the following:

  1. High-density Polyethylene (HDPE)

    : Known for being FDA compliant and a low-cost polymer. It is flexible, easy to process, and has good low-temperature toughness and chemical resistance. HDPE is used in several packaging applications including milk bottles, jerry cans, drums, industrial bulk containers, etc. In such applications, it provides the end product with a reasonable impact strength.

  2. Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

    : This blow molding material is softer and more flexible compared to HDPE, making it an excellent choice for flexible packaging such as squeeze bottles. LDPE and HDPE do share some properties, such as being chemically inert and easy to mold.

  3. Polycarbonate (PC)

    : This plastic resin is commonly used for its versatile characteristics, eco-friendly processing, and recyclability. It is used to produce structural applications which require impact resistance and/or transparency. PC is commonly used in medical devices, automotive components, protective gear, and more. It’s also commonly used to make 5-gallon water bottles.

  4. Polypropylene (PP)

    : White and translucent in appearance, this plastic is known for being lightweight, its chemical resistance, and high durability. Used in medical applications, consumers products, and the automotive industry.

Chevron Phillips - Marlex Product List

For simplicity purposes only, this article focuses on Chevron Phillips’ HDPE products; it aims to give readers a simple but meaningful glimpse of some of their properties and applications in blow molding projects.

Generally speaking, HDPE is considered the most widely used plastic in the world. This versatile material has several characteristics that make it the ideal plastic for many blow molding projects: it is affordable, recyclable, resistant to most chemicals, and light but strong, to name a few.

As for Phillip’s HDPE products, Marlex, they are known for being tailored for specific applications, depending on product performance requirements, and are renowned in the blow molding industry due to their outstanding attributes such as excellent melt strength, processability, and environmental stress crack resistance to stiffness ratio. Some Marlex materials include the following:
Product Application Application volume MI
(g / 10min)
(g / cm3)
Technical Data Sheet

Marlex HHM 5202BN Polyethylene

- Oil bottles
- Household and industrial chemical containers
- Toys
- Personal care products
250mL - 1L 0.35 0.951 Marlex HHM 5202BN
Technical Data Sheet

Marlex HHM 5502BN Polyethylene

- Ice chests and coolers
- Household and industrial chemical containers
- Food packaging
- Pharmaceuticals
1.5L 0.35 0.955 Marlex HHM 5502BN
Technical Data Sheet

Marlex HXM 50100 Polyethylene

- Fuel containers
- Agricultural chemical tanks
2L - 5L / 10L - 25L 10.0 0.948 Marlex HHM 50100
Polyethylene Technical
Data Sheet

Marlex HXM TR-571 Polyethylene

- Jerry cans - Open top drums - 220L L-ring drums 200L 0.02
0.953 Marlex HXM TR-571
Safety Data Sheet

Blow Molding Machinery 360° video

Extrusion blow molding is an incredible process for manufacturing hollow plastic items. After choosing the right plastic resin, producing a large number of products in a short period of time is no challenge.

The following 360° video provides an immersive experience of how Chen Way’s Blow Molding Machines work:

High-quality Blow Molding Machine Manufacturer in Taiwan

Besides being able to choose the right material for your next blow molding project, it is also essential to own first-class blow molding machines that produce unrivaled products with bare minimum rejected pieces.  Therefore, the importance of finding a trusted and experienced blow molding machine manufacturer.

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