October 01, 2021

Automatic Milk Bottle Blow Molding Machine

Automatic Milk Bottle Blow Molding Machine

Over the years, plastic milk bottles have replaced glass milk bottles to a great extent. After all, besides a lower price, they offer several other advantages when compared to their glass counterparts: they are lighter, they suffer from fewer breakages, and they can come in a wide variety of designs.

The most common material for these products is high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which is food grade and thus, safe for storing perishable goods. However, other materials such as low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and polyester (PET) can also be used. With the use of plastic resins, milk bottles can be round, have a more square or rectangular shape -or even have integral handles if necessary. These bottles are produced by milk bottle blow molding machines that aim for automation by including the necessary auxiliary equipment.

How Are Milk Bottles Produced?

Milk bottles are produced by milk bottle blow molding machines. These are small, continuous type extrusion machines in which an extruder is constantly producing a parison. The parison is captured in a mold. Once the mold closes, air is injected through the top or neck, making the hot plastic material touch the walls of the mold. After the material cools and hardens, the mold is opened to eject the plastic product.

Automation in Milk Bottle Blow Molding Machines

Automation can be very important in manufacturing processes, and, after the effects of the global pandemic, an increased implementation has been observed. The end goal of automation in the context of blow molding manufacturing is to not only reduce the need for manpower, but also to drive higher efficiency by increasing production capacity, reducing costs, or both.

In the case of automatic extrusion blow molding, automation can be achieved by a milk bottle blow molding machine with the following accessories:

  • An auto-deflashing unit, which removes the flasher
  • A conveyor system, which transports the waste material to the crusher
  • A crusher, in charge of material grinding
  • Other auxiliary equipment such as a leak tester, depending on the plastic products being produced.

The result is high-quality plastic blow-molded products produced by requiring fewer labor resources or human efforts.

Blow Molding of Customized Plastic Milk Bottles for Coffee Machines

In Taiwan, convenience stores sell countless cups of coffee every year. Coffee machines in these establishments require the production of narrow plastic bottles which can fit into their milk system to prevent them from taking up extra space in countertops.

Not surprisingly, Chen Way Machinery manufactures the high-quality, efficient Milk Bottles Blow Molding Machines that can produce these customized products. One of our clients is currently providing HDPE milk bottles to convenience stores around the country, allowing millions of people to enjoy a nice cup of coffee at any time of the day.

Chen Way Machinery: machine testing video of automatic blow molding machine for plastic milk bottles

Milk Bottle Extrusion Blow Molding Machines – 2021 New Versions

Milk bottles are typically produced by small blow molding machines which are suitable for 1L to 5L products. Such plastic milk bottle making machines can be very profitable with features such as single cavities (for low production outputs) or multi-cavities (for higher production outputs in one cycle). Moreover, with a double station machine, production can be increased 1.8 times when compared to single station machines. Another important feature is the parison control which greatly increases the quality and strength of the products and saves material cost by reducing waste. Furthermore, besides producing milk bottles, these versatile machines can also be used to make other products such as pharmaceutical bottles and containers for clean room blow molding.

Automatic Milk Bottle Blow Molding Machine

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Automatic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine Manufacturer in Taiwan

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