Aug. 18, 2020

Float for Paddle Wheel Aerator and Gear Box Cover- Accumulator Head Blow Molding Machine

Our Customized Accumulator Head Blow Molding machine is the perfect choice for making large hollow plastics products like Paddle Wheel Aerator Float and Gear Box Cover for Fish Farms applications!

Key features of our Accumulator Head Blow Molding Machine:

- Accumulator Die Head:
Our Blow Molding Machine is equipped with an Accumulator Head designed with two heart-shape flow channels weld line-free to increase the strength of the hollow plastic products.

- Special Clamping Unit:
This Blow Molding Machine clamping unit has an equally distributed clamping force along the vertically long plates, which allows the Paddle Aerator Float and Gear Box cover to be perfectly shaped without having any air leakage during formation.

- Injection Speed:
Our Accumulator Head Blow Molding machine combines the adequate injection speed with a Parison control unit, programmed by our engineers to achieve an even thickness distribution along these large hollow plastic products, and especially the Float for Paddle Wheel Aerator, resulting in them being stable and performing as required when put into water.

Finally, the blow molding machine set includes a Customized Post Cooling unit that helps to complete the formation of the Paddle Wheel Aerator Floats.

Advantages of Post Cooling unit for Paddle Wheel Aerator Floats:
  • -Reduces the total cycle time of the floats.
  • -Increases the production output for our customers.
  • -Strengthens the float structure.
  • -Helps to avoid the float to deform easily.

As a result, your Floats for Paddle Wheel Aerator performance will be unbeatable if made with our Blow Molding machine!
Watch below videos of our Accumulator Head Blow Molding machine running in one of our customer’s factory: